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I am seeking more information on my parents, Ike Fetoko Falanitule (passed away 1988, New Zealand), survived by his wife, Haeletagaloa Pokopokotau (Auckland, New Zealand). I am seeking further information on my father's grandfather, Napolitule Falanitule and his wife, Mulifai? I wish to complete my next fourth generation pedigree chart from the information provided.

UPDATE: I have been very fortunate and blessed to have sourced further into finding information about my great grandfather, Napolitule. I am now seeking five generations back to my fifth great grandfather, Uluvili; if there is someone with a link to his direct line?

Sally Leauanae


I would like to know more about my family names: Hakai, Kamutoa, Pasi and Collins.

Sam Passi


I am enquiring about Hasini; that was my Dad's surname, but we ended up with our uncle's first name as our surname: David. My dad's name is Painia; that is all that is on his birth certificate. His mum's name was Lepasi Ikimounga.

Donna David


I wish to contact any family members of Hector Head as I am his daughter & wish to know where Hector is buried & I would like to know the name and background of my grandmother Mrs M K Head.

Karen Denby


My father's name is Ikitoga Kosene and his parent's names are Alaita and Kosene Kepu. They were born in Fakamatutu, Hakupu.

Lulu Kosene


I am trying to find out all I can about my grandparents' families. My grandfather was the Rev. Ikiua-Lupo, who was pastor at the church in Hakupu and my grandmother was Lauaki Kamupala, from Avatele.

Brent Ikiua


I am researching my father, Tahamaka Kapagahemata's, family tree. His place of birth is in the village of Hikutavake; he died in Namukulu, in 1963. I would like to find out more information, please, as I want to complete my family genealogy.

Tahamaka Ikihega


Joseph Lafou married my grandmother, Martha Jordon, on 2 December 1916 in Sydney, Australia.

  • He would have left Niue before then.
  • He was 27 years old then, so must have been born about 1889.
  • His father's name was perhaps Sfugiu or Afugiu Lafou (a Wesleyan Minister) and his mother's, Natalesi.
  • Both of his parents are listed as deceased on his marriage certificate of 1916.
  • His occupation is listed as cook, but I assume the only way he could have got here was as a sailor.
  • There is a witness listed on the certificate as G Metui.
  • My grandfather died in 1917, during the influenza pandemic.
    • When I was younger, we had relatives visiting us up until the 1970s, but we did not take note of details because we were only kids and when my father (also Joseph) passed, we couldn't find any details of family in his papers.

      Lesley Lafou


      I am wanting to know if anyone knows Antonio Lagatule (86, now deceased) or Rudolf Lagatule (68, now deceased), who were born in Niue.

      Priscilla Lagatule


      Seeking information about my surname, Langatuki. Apparently my father was adopted out and this was his stepfather's first name. Was this man a minister in the church and what history can you tell me about my other family surnames?

      Taylor Langatuki


      I'm looking for family or any information to do with my great grandfather, Tauleva Lupo, who was married to Mahelekiulu Tamai. My grandfather was Jack Lupo, married to Katalina Su'A Lavea, of Safotu, Samoa. Any information on any of these names would be greatly appreciated.

      Fay Lupo


      I'm looking for family or any information to do with my great grandfather, Tauleva Lupo, who was married to Mahelekiulu Tamai. My grandfather was Jack Lupo, married to Katalina Su'A Lavea, of Safotu, Samoa. Any information on any of these names would be greatly appreciated.

      Rebecca Lupo


      I am looking for relations to Ben and his sister Pyllis Malcolm. Ben was born about 1905 and Phyllis about 1909. They were born in North Auckland of Maori origins. They were adopted by Henry George Malcolm (1879-1918) and his wife Edith Annie Keys. Henry and Edith were the first white native teachers to live on Niue Island about 1910.

      Any information about the above Malcolm family appreciated or details about teaching conditions on the island.

      Anne Haenga


      I am trying to find any information on the Molesi family. My father's name is Sionekeka Molesi; he was from Tuapa village, and married Vaiana Fasiagatule; she was from Toi village. My father moved to New Zealand in the '50s; not quite sure though, but if anyone has any information regarding the Molesi family it would be much appreciated as I am trying to trace my genealogy.

      Peter Molesi


      Fakalofa atu. I am searching for any information that anyone may have about my grandparents, Tavita Ogotau and Mataheitagaloa; and also any information about their parents, who are my great-grandparents. If there is anyone who knows this family, please e-mail me. Fakaue lahi.

      Sylvia Ogotau


      I am searching for birth and death records for Niue Island; specifically, William Henry Patterson, who married Talia Taneiki. He was born around 1841 and died 4 February 1899. Would love to find his parents. Can anyone help? My wife is Fiatama Kapiga Hammond. Her mother is Tuiolo Tongahai; father, Lipaea Peaufa Tongahai. I would love to find birth and death records for her family.

      Bruce Hammond


      An Internet search revealed the following information. My great grandfather was part of the NZ troops in WWI. Sgt Pulu is noted as the son of Niuloa and Loise Pulu of Hikutavake. He died at sea enroute to NZ on 26 June 1916. He was married to Vaiata Pulu née Peiri. My grandfather is Edgar Pulu, supposedly born in Vaipuna, Samoa. I would greatly appreciate any other information that may be offered as to any relatives in Niue or NZ and or how to go about finding this out. Thank you.

      Vaiata Pulu


      I am looking for any relations of my father, Simei Tumutumu and mother, Tititupe, who were born in Niue. She was born on 17 June 1928 in Alofi and raised there and in Tamakautonga, I think. Her father's name was Fitikefu. My father was born on 19 September 1920. His mother's name was Okitau and he had a lot of siblings, now in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. My mother had two sisters; one passed away and one is in New Zealand. One of our cousins from my mother's side, named Heidi, is in New Zealand; whereabouts unknown. One of my aunts' name is Samolia and Alofa is one of our cousins from my father's side, somewhere in New Zealand. I live in Texas and would appreciate any and all information in locating relatives.

      Margaret Simei-Smith


      I am tracing the roots of my great grandmother, Pule Ve'emoa / Punimata, from the village of Liku. She is pure Niuean by origin.
      She travelled from Niue to Samoa to visit her brother who was Rev. Tanielu Punimata. She then married Ae Taise, son of a Samoan High Chief of the village of Moata'a in Samoa.
      Her marriage to Ae bore five daughters and one son. One of the daughters is my grandmother, Setaisu.
      I am asking assistance to trace this genealogical line of my great grandmother from Niue.
      I am thinking of travelling to Niue with my grandmother and my mother (her eldest daughter) to visit her family. As she is the only surviving issue of Pule in Samoa, she is desperate to know her mother's family in Liku.

      Alexander Su'a