The Union Steamship Company (Union Steamship Group) were the agents for the New Zealand-going vessels running to New Zealand, for many years. The company was founded in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1875. Records for ships from that line (1875-1968) may be found at the Takapuna, New Zealand Collection, Takapuna Library, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand. Or, contact the New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc. to see if they have passenger lists for the union fleet.

Farquhar, I.J. (1968). Union fleet 1875-1968: being a list of ships owned by the Union Steam Ship Company of N.Z. Ltd. New Zealand Ship and Marine Society, Wellington, New Zealand.

Ship arrival and departure records may be found at the following places. You may need to employ someone to do the search for you.

    The Cook Islands Library and Museum Society, c/- Ministry of Cultural Development, P O Box 8, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
    Ports Authority, P O Box 84, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
    Cook Islands Customs Department.

Union Steamship Group List - 1986

Holmdale, Ngahere, Ngapapa, Seaway Prince, Seaway Princess, Seaway Hobart, Seaway Melbourne, Union Auckland, Union Dunedin, Union Nelson, Union Rotorua, Union Rotoiti, Union Sydney, Taiko

Union Steam Ship Company List - 1908-1967

    Makura (8,075) 1908-1936
    Marama (6,437) 1907-1937
    Maunganui (7,527) 1911-1947
    Monowai (11,037) 1930-1960
    Tahiti (7, 585) 1911-1930
    Waihemo (7, 206) 1946-1966
    Waitemata (7, 364) 1946-1967