Onehunga: A Brief List of Names


Copyright (c)1998 Carol Whyte Auckland New Zealand


Mogford, Janice C., (1977)., "Onehunga: A Brief History." Onehunga Borough 

Council - on the occasion of its Centennial., Panmure Printers Ltd., 

Panmure, Auckland, NZ.

Mt Albert Library (1998)

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Index of names taken from the above book which takes you through the life 

of Onehunga and Manukau harbour, from the first settlement of Maungakiekie 

Pah (One Tree Hill) to the creation of the Onehunga Mall in 1973.

Transcribed and collated by Carol Whyte on 10 Nov 1998 for the genealogy 

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NAME                REMARKS


Anderson, Alan      accountant, Town Clerk, 1970

Anderson, Rev AR    of St Peters Church, 20th century

Bates (Miss)        assistant, St Peter's School, 1847, sole teacher 


Beeson, TVG         mayor 1968-1974

Berhampore          Jun 1849 Fencible contingent to be housed Onehunga, 

                    Manukau and Mt Smart road

Bigelow, John       Jan 1864, built local paddle-steamer, Blue Nose, for 

                    McLeods of Helensville 

Binsted, Henry      headmaster Manukau Intermediate School, 1943 on site of 

                    old Onehunga zoo

Blakey, Thomas G    paint/wallpaper shop, 1870, front parlour was 'the bank' 

                    1879-1886, won council seat, 18 May 1877, mayor 1878 


Boyd, John James    mayor, 1917 and Onehunga Zoo owner.  Sold animals to 

                    Auckland Zoological Park, 1922

Brewer, CN          customs collector

Brilliant           ship from England, arrived Oct 1841, First settlers of 

                    Cornwallis, but most left area

Brown, George       reverend, presbytarian, 1860s, catholic school 1870-1875

Browne, Gore        governor, 1859

Bruce, J            reverend, presbytarian, 1880

Buddle, Thomas      reverend, methodist, 1854

Bycroft, John       built flour mill & biscuit factory, 1854-1863 Princes St

Bycroft, John jnr   won council seat, 18 May 1877

Cahill, J           monsignor, 1925 appointed to parish

Campbell, Dr John L allowed to retain area around One Tree Hill

Catley, William E   employed at Lawry tannery, worked for 75 years since the 

                    age of eleven. Died in 1958

Chambers, John      New Zealand, Iron & Steel Co., 1880s

Clery, Father       catholic priest, 1850, St Mary's, returned to England 


Codlin, George      prop. Exchange Hotel (1865), bus service, livery stable, 

                    rebuilt 1872, won council seat, 18 May 1877, mayor 

                    1879-1880, 1881-1883

Coldicutt, WC       mayor 1927-9

Cooke, C            supervising engineer Highway Board, 1877

Cowell, James       mayor 1923-7 when electricity was installed in Onehunga

D'Urville, Dumont   1827 Captain travelled overland Waitemata to Manukau

Davidge, B          built council chambers, 1870s

Davies, William     captain, 1850, property owner, ironmonger

Dieffenbach, Ernst  naturalist and geologist

Dow, Veronica       (Mrs) director, Little Dolphin Theatre, 1966

Drury, Capt         brig Pandora, 1853

Earle, Edward       won council seat, 18 May 1877

Edwards, -          shepherd of Dr Henry Weekes marino on Puketutu Island, 

                    Feb 1846

Erson, Dr Robert C  mayor 3 terms to 1900

Fleming, Charles C  long-time resident, merchant, owned stores near the 

                    beach, 1860s

Fletcher, David     1911, had bubonic plague - firemen set fire to the 

                    factory he worked in to prevent spread(!)

Forbes, Margaret    early land claimant, wife Robert Forbes, fought Govt 

                    Commissioner over land, first Scots presbyterian settler

Forbes, Robert      proprietor New Leith Inn, early land claimant (1844), 

                    Scots settler, presbytarian, died 1849

Furlay, Samuel      bought township land from Thomas Jackson, proprietor of 

                    Exchange Inn

Gardner, -          borough engineer, 1960s-1970s

Garside, Archer     mayor, 1938-1941, 1944-1959, first Labour mayor

Geddes, Alexander   bought township land from Peter Imlay 

George, Edward      built Royal Hotel, 1848, lower Princes St, died 1855

George, Elizabeth   (Mrs), wife of Edward, licensee Royal Hotel, 1855-1906, 

                    founded Onehunga Ladies Benevolent Society

Gibson, SJ          reverend, methodist, 1909

Gilchrist, F        chair of Fergusson Domain Board up to 1964

Gillman, Thomas R   bought chemist, drug shop from HT Watts, 1868-1908, vet 

                    for the district until 1890

Goldsbury, Alan H   accountant, Town Clerk, May 1963-1970

Gordon, Angus Will  Town Clerk 1892, mayor 1905

Grant, Alexander    headmaster Onehunga District School, 1873-1885

Grant, John         Onehunga District School former pupil

Grey, Capt George   governor 1845

Grundy, John        captain, navigator and businessman 'Maid of the Mill' 


Hamblett, IB        (Mrs) librarian, 1970s

Hardington, Henry   captain, 1860s horse buses from outside Exchange Hotel

Hardington, Henry   won council seat, 18 May 1877

Hastie, Joseph      won council seat, 18 May 1877

Haultain, Theo. M   Captain, command Fencibles from Oriental Queen

Heke, Hone          defeated British forces, scared settlers, 1845

Henderson, Laurie   Chair of School Committee for Manukau Intermediate 

                    School, 1970s

Henry, Thomas       bought township land from Thomas Jackson & surrounding 


Hika, Hongi         Nga Puhi chief 1821 massacre of Auckland tribes using 


Hill, Capt Walter C 1902 setup new fire brigade after other volunteers 

                    resigned enmass

Hill, JE            owner of Manukau Cycle Works, Queen Street, 1900s

Hobson, Capt W      Governor 1840-1842

Hodge, George       reassembled first iron steamer, Maori Chief - first 

                    commercial steamer to navigate Waiuku

Holmes, William     built 'Manukau', 1880 for Waiuku & Onehunga Steam 

                    Navigation Co.

Hutchison, Isabella (Mrs) first euro born in Onehunga, wife of first Town 


Hutchison, John Geo Apr 1877, appointed Town Clerk to 1892

Imlay, Peter        bought township land from Thomas Jackson then sold to 

                    Alexander Geddes

Ings, -             reverend, 1929, baptist

Jackson, John D     only candidate and mayor 18 May 1877

Jackson, Thomas     bought land at Puketutu Island and where township now 

                    stands, 1844

Johnson, Dr         colonial surgeon

Jones, William H    Welsh-American, manager, chief puddler New Zealand

                    Iron & Steel Co., 1880s

Jordon, William     MP Manukau 1922-1936, supported unemployed during 


Kelly, Edward       proprietor Royal Oak Hotel, 1872-1909. Retired army 


Kenny, Lt Col       Onehunga defence warden, NZ Wars

Kenny, Mjr          backup to Gov Geo Grey diplomacy against Ngati Paoa

Laishley, Richard   reverend, congregational church, 1860

Lawry. MJ           1898 bought Sutherlands tannery from his sons. Plant 

                    still going in 1950s

Legg, JE            superintendant of parks and reserves, 1950s, designed 

                    Jellicoe Park fountain

Lusk, -             headmaster, St Peter's School, 1847

Macky, SH           headmaster Te Papapa School, 1913

Mahoney, William H  monsignor, 1905, first native-born NZ to be ordained to 

                    the priesthood. Died 1925

Manning, Leo        businessman, mayor 1959-1968

Marshall, Charles   Flax trader port Waikato, 1830s

Mathew, Felton      first surveyor of Manukau harbour, 1841

McDermott, John     shot by William H Jones in Queen St, after a violent 

                    quarral over a card game. Died, abt 1884.

McGregor, A         headmaster Onehunga District School, 1919

McIntosh, WN        headmaster Onehunga District School, 1900s-1919

McIntyre, James     won council seat, 18 May 1877, ironmonger Princes St, 

                    then Queen St, founded Clyde Iron Works

McMurtry, Pastor    Seventh Day Adv pastor, 1970s

Meredith, Vincent   first pupil Onehunga District School to win a junior 

                    scholarship, later barrister, and Knighted

Miller, Henry J     reverend, congregational church, 1887

Mitchell, GG        local historian, 1950s

Mitchell, Thomas    Sydney timber merchant, settled Puponga Point, 1835, 

                    sawmill at Mill Bay

Moore, RE           civil engineer, designer Grafton bridge, 1915

Morton, Edward      mayor 1929-1935

Mould, Col TR       royal engineer organised defence of Auckland, NZ War

Nicholson, Dr JR    chaiman Highway Board, 1868, bought land Queen St, 1865, 

                    died 1875

Nielson, Daniel     won council seat, 18 May 1877

Norman, Norman L    accountant, Town Clerk, 1940-1963, died in office

Norman, Samuel      purchased New Leith Inn from Margaret Forbes, 1850-1857, 

                    proprietor Commercial Hotel foot of Norman's Hill road

O'Callaghan, WG     returns officer for mayoralty, 18 May 1877

O'Hara, Capt Jack   Volunteer Onehunga fire brigade, 1887

O'Keefe, J          Onehunga warden, 1860s

O'Rorke, Sir Maurice MP for Manukau, 1879

Oriental Queen      Sep 1849, Fencibles settled in Onehunga around Te Papapa

Ormsby, George      early land claimant

Orpheus, HMW        ship wreck 1863, many of crew buried at St Peters Church

Park, James         manager Onehunga Woolen Mills

Park, John          mayor 1919-23, 1935-8, 1941-4

Parnall, Capt Thomas commanded naval volunteers, 1863, NZ Wars, 

Paul, Father James  catholic priest, 1858, established first convent school, 

                    1864-1960. Died 1906

Powditch, William   captain Onehunga warden 1860s

Price, A & G        rival iron mongering firm to Clyde Iron Works, moved to 

                    Thames 1874

Purchas, Rev Dr AG  mayor, reverand parish of Onehunga, serving the 


Ramillies           Fencibles and dependants settle in barracks by the 

                    Springs in Onehunga

Richardson, Robert  captain, ret. British Army officer, Town Clerk, 


Robb, Capt James    Onehunga Public School Cadet Corp

Roe, Matthew        owned paddle-steamer, Oregon, 1865 - towing kauri and 

                    kahikatea logs. operated saw mill at Kauri point, 

                    erected own wharf

Rout, John          Auckland businessman, 1860, donated monies to build 

                    Congregational church, lived next door

Rowe, John          mayor 1906-1917

Scott, Dr Will Geo  mayor 2 terms, 1880s

Selwyn, Bishop A    overnight stay, 1843

Seon, Father        catholic priest, 1840s-1850, French

Smith, Capt.        brig Tranmere into Manukau harbour, 1831, with Te 

                    Wherowhero aboard

Soar, Edna          (Mrs) grand-daughter of William Davies, chief officer 

                    Berhampore built replica Fencible cottage, 1950s. Died 

                    1968. Cottage moved to Jellicoe Park

Somerville, Alice   methodist parishioner, left money to church, 1940s

Stallard, Edward    1848, owned shop Princes St. Proprietor Prince Albert 

                    Hotel, Queen St, 1858, replaced in 1880

Stewart, RD         headmaster Onehunga District School, 1886

Stoupe, John        succeeded John Boyd as mayor, 1917-19, manager 

                    Sutherland & Co.

Sutherland, Donald A first NZ born mayor 1894-1897, 1901-1904, 

Sutherland, William fellmonger, built tannery on site of Bycroft's flour 

                    mill, 1863. Transferred from Otahuhu to Onehunga, 1881

Swindon, -          headmaster, St Peters School, 1857

Symonds, Capt John J Fencible, younger brother to William Cornwallis Symonds, 

                    Oriental Queen

Symonds, Capt WC    Waitemata & Manukau Land Co. agent

Tamaki, Kiwi        Te Waiohua Chief, occupied Maungakiekie Pah 1840s

Te Kawau            1835 Chief Ngati Whatua, met Samuel Marsden Nov 1820

Te Wherowhero       Ngati Mahutu chief resided 2-3 months/year on land 

                    Robert Forbes bought for New Leith Inn

Titahi              Ngati Awa chief, strengthened defences Maungakiekie 

                    (One Tree Hill)

Wakefield, Ed Gibbon inspected Onehunga, Sep 1854

Waller, James W     won council seat, 18 May 1877, Onehunga Building Soc 


Watts, HT           chemist and druggist 1860s

Weekes, Dr Henry    from New Plymouth, bought Puketutu Is from Thomas 


Wing, Capt Thomas   early harbourmaster 1860s

Wood, Samuel        early land claimant

Yates, Capt Michael mayor 1889

Yates, Elizabeth    (Mrs) wife of Michael, 1893 first woman mayor in 

                    British Empire, and Justice of the Peace

Yockney, Horace     Town Clerk, resigned 1940 (started council work 1905), 

                    church of Christ, held services in his home 1907


Church of England   Queen St, 1847, Rev Dr Arthur Guyon Purchas

St Peter's          Anglican, 1848, Bishop Selwyn design, cemetery according 

                    to rites of United Church of England & Ireland. 

                    Used until 1931. Early pioneer families buried.

St Mary's           Father Seon, later Father Clery, church used 1858-1889

Presbytarian Church 1862, corner of Grey and Queen St

Methodist Church    1850, corner of Grey and Queen St

Congregational      1860-1966, Princes St

Congregational      1969, Samoa, Little Forester's Hall (Hugh Watt Hall), then Galway St

Seventh Day Adv     1913, then moved 1925 Mt Smart road, 1975, new church

Baptist             1926, Erson Ave and Symonds St, new church in 1955

Merrilands          1933, baptist, new church 1960

Chinese Baptist     1973, Merrilands Church Youth Hall

Bible Chapel        1900s, 3 Inkermann St now.

Church of Christ    1907, Trafalgar St, 1912



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